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Uganda Virus Research Institute


Finance and Administration


Provide support services and coordination of all activities of the institute to ensure a conducive environment for health research.

Divisions under Finance and Administration:

  • Administration and operations
  • Finance and Grants management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Planning
  • Capacity building
  • Procurement and disposal of Public Assets
  • Management of Information Technology and Library Services and Equipment
  • Public relations and Communications Unit

Core functions

  • Administrative/Operations Services
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Capacity Building
  • Enhance Collaborations with partners


  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management Planning, Development and Advisory
  • Procurement and disposal of Public Assets
  • Management of Information Technology and Library Services and Equipment
  • Coordinate and Monitor the Implementation of strategic Plan, budget and policies of the Institution
  • Coordinating the different departments and partners at the institute
  • Capacity building
  • Institute Operations and Support services

Strategic Objectives under Finance and Administration

  1. Creation of a critical mass for middle level scientific and technical staff

               To widen the research skills mix for middle level scientific and technical staff


  • Restructure the current establishments
  • Strengthen human resource planning & development
  • Streamline records management
  1. Contribution to the financial sustainability of UVRI
  • Widening the financial base


  • Diversify donor funding:- need to create an enabling environment to attract more donors
  • & partners
  • Lobby government for increased funding
  • Develop a Business Model for UVRI.
  1. Contribution to the financial sustainability of UVRI

    Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the use of available resources


  • Strengthen mechanisms for national utilization of resources.
  • Effectively & efficiently budget for both project & G.O.U funds.
  • Put all UVRI Projects on IFMS
  • Strengthen the Grants office under the planning department.
  1. Centralized, accessible and reliable sample repository system

Improve sample management.


  • Ensure sufficient central storage space and a reliable power back up system
  • Utilize the available liquid nitrogen capacity for more reliable long term storage
  1. Improvement in the coordination of programs & core functions

To optimize and streamline information and resource sharing among the different programs & projects


  • Operationalize the monitoring & Evaluation plan
  • Streamline and centerize the administration of all projects & programs
  • Strengthen collaborations with partners.
  1. Increase production of health research workforce:

To expand the knowledge and skills base for public health research.


  • Strengthen coordination of training and internship program
  • Increase awareness of science among students through open days and career talks to students


  1. Enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness of the institute

To improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the institute.


  • Strengthen management and Internal control systems
  • Strengthen the capacity of the UVRI in planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation
  • Develop and operationalize a change management framework
  • Create a conducive work environment at the institute
  1. Expansion of infrastructure and equipment capacities.

Increase the institutional infrastructure and equipment capacity of the institute.


  • Lobby government to increase funding for capital development
  • Develop an Institute Master Plan
  • Construct a Research Science Offices and Laboratories iv) Remove asbestos from all UVRI staff houses
  • Renovate/ Construct new houses in the Soweto staff quarters

Administration Achievements

  • Removal of asbestos sheets from 14 Soweto houses
  • Renovation of the rock feller building; the roof top, painting and renovation of the Directors office.
  • Payment of electricity Arears worthy UGX 4,250,000,000 billions
  • Renovation and painting of the HIV Reference Laboratory.
  • Developed an Assets Register that is comprehensive including even assets from projects
  • Developed a vehicle utilization register
  • Maintained Institute Premises
  • Renovation of the incinerator and the institute Laundry.
  • HR Office: Procured services to construct the Insectary and are managing the contract works steadily.
  • Have secured a tittle for the 72 acres of the Institute.
  • Streamlined the storage of all UVRI procured goods and equipment in the UVRI stores
  • We are yet to expand the UVRI stores to be able to accommodate the big procurements done by UVRI
  • Developed the departmental procurement work plans for 2018/2019
  • Started on procuring service providers for the canteen & cleaning services
  • In the process of developing a Master Plan for UVRI
  • Carried out a training needs assessment and we are yet to produce the training plan
  • Reconstruction of the UVRI Website. Got a new host, and we are yet to migrate the website to the new host
  • Redesigning the website
  • So far we have written a memo to heads of departments for content to be put on the website but we have not got their responses
  • We have up graded the internet band width from 10 mbps to 27 We doubled it because we required a quality quantity of link to improve the speed if the internet to enable researchers carryout their work.
  • Development and Production of the first UVRI news Letter
  • Retooling of ICT equipment for UVRI staff
  • Acquisition of 3 Buildings from RHSP
  • Funding for trainings for UVRI staff