Friday, 21 September 2018

Epidemiology, Data Management and Biostatistics

Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Data Management
Head: Mr Tom Lutalo

The Science Centre conducts epidemiological research of viral outbreaks, HIV/AIDS, STDs and malaria. It provides data management and statistical support to UVRI and collaborating programmes. The three main units (Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Data Management) are each run by staff with training in the unit discipline but work together for a common output.  In addition, the units improve research capacity through training and supervision of young researchers.

The Centre’s main activities include developing suitable population cohorts to study the epidemiological dynamics of diseases, identifying risky behaviours, environment and groups and evaluating appropriate behavioural and biological interventions. Other activities include identifying appropriate control and prevention measures of diseases, providing data management and statistical services to researchers in need, providing the Uganda Ministry of Health with updated disease rates in sub-populations, contributing to policy measures for the prevention of disease.

The Epidemiology Unit conducts comprehensive epidemiological research and response to disease outbreaks. The Unit is mandated to:
•    Carry out epidemiological research in HIV/AIDS, STDs, malaria and acute viral outbreaks
•    Provide epidemiological and statistical support to the Institute

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