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Uganda Virus Research Institute


UVRI Scientists feature in the Washington Post

Dr. Luke Nyakarahuka, an Epidemiologist at UVRI and a long time CDC partner is among the bat team that has been conducting research about bats in Uganda that carry the deadly Marberg virus which kills 9 in 10 of its victims.

The research was conducted at the Bat Cave found in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, where the bat team caught and glued trackers on some bats so as to track their movements in the hope of spying on their nightly escapeder that could help prevent the spread of one of the world’s most dreaded diseases.

More details on this story at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/national/wp/2018/12/13/feature/these-bats-carry-the-lethal-marburg-virus-and-scientists-are-tracking-them-to-try-to-stop-its-spread/?