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Uganda Virus Research Institute



General Virology Department

  • To conduct virological and diagnostic research in support of disease prevention and intervention strategies, studies related to cancers, HIV quality assurance and control as well as participating in capacity building.
  • The division deals with human viral infections which are not vector transmitted. Most of the activities conducted currently are dictated by available funding. The department, through its HIV testing reference laboratory supports all the HIV national sero-surveys by performing central level HIV testing as well as associated tests including syphilis serology. We also provide quality control and quality assurance for   surveillance HIV and syphilis at sentinel antenatal care clinics. We support capacity building for both in-service health workers and students through internships.


List of Funders

  • Most of the activities in the division of General Virology are supported by US government through PEPFAR
  • Global Fund
  • Medical Research Council (for HIV drug resistance work)
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA for studies on HHV-8 virology and Kaposi sarcoma association