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  • The Clinic Unit for Research was initially a small facility located on the UVRI main campus as one of the sources of many clinical specimens for arbovirology and General virology research from willing human volunteers. It contributed to virus discovery studies. It started providing basic preventive and curative health services to UVRI staff members, including pre-exposure vaccination against yellow fever and hepatitis B infections. With the advent of HIV/AIDS, the clinic soon started research on the epidemic.
    The Unit conducts and supports health research to contribute to the mission of UVRI; and provides basic preventive, promotional and curative health services to research volunteers, staff and the neighbouring research community. This clinic serves as a health centre II under Entebbe Health Sub-District.
  • The Clinical Unit for Research previously UVRI Clinic conducts applied research on viral infectious diseases. The mandate of the Unit includes:
    •    Providing basic essential clinical care to the research volunteers
    •    Providing basic clinical services to staff and the immediate family members
    •    Serving as a health centre, supervised by Entebbe Hospital, in Entebbe Health Sub-District
    •    Providing HIV routine counselling & testing to communities and occupational HIV post-exposure prophylaxis
  • Supports clinical research by recruiting and following up research participants


  • Mandate
    The UVRI Clinic conducts and supports health research to contribute to the mission of UVRI within the context of UNHRO, the current National Health Policy and the National Development Plan. It provides basic health services & health promotion to research volunteers, staff and neighboring research community. This clinic serves as a health centre II under Entebbe Health Sub-District (EHSD). It collects routine data to aid Monitoring and Evaluation, planning and prioritization of potential interventions by EHSD and Ministry of Health. It supports training and other capacity building activities at UVRI (including grant sourcing, networking and community mobilization).


  • The clinic is located in a strategic place that ensures privacy to our clients, yet easy to access. Our services include Routine HIV testing and counselling, out patients medical care, Family planning, Immunisations, internship training and antenatal services. Over the years, the community has gained confidence in the quality of our services, which has nearly transformed the clinic into a referral-testing centre for HIV testing. We receive a number of clients countrywide referred for HIV test confirmation and other services.
  • In the months of July through September 2018, the clinic received 814 clients for OPD services, testing 349 for malaria with 1.7% testing malaria positive.  403 clients for HIV testing services with 3% testing positive, and referred for ART. The clinic offered family planning services to 85 mothers, and 959 children vaccinated, with 56 children receiving DPT3. The clinic actively participates in community services. We aim at extending services to our community as a strategy to promote health. We have had a number of community outreaches, where we have vaccinated 247 ten-year-old girls against HPV.
  • The clinic is actively involved in research; currently we are evaluating the Alere q HIV-1/2 Detect as a Supplementary Test in the Uganda National HIV Rapid Testing Algorithm,  we expect to complete the study by middle of December 2018. We are also evaluating the usability of the SURE CHECK HIV self-test.
  • In the next quarter, in addition to the current services offered by the clinic, we would like to offer antenatal care services to the community, we have already obtained the ANC registers, mother cards and have an enthusiastic senior midwife.
  • We thank the UVRI management for the enabling environment and continuous support that has enabled us deliver services to the community.

          By Dr. N Kyakuwa and Dr. Bernard Kikaire.

          Dr. Nassim Kyakuwa is the in charge of the UVRI Clinic