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Uganda Virus Research Institute


UVRI Training Committee

UVRI Training Committee

The UVRI Training Committee oversees the different training categories in the Institute. The committee is responsible for developing and implementing the training proposals of the different training categories. 

Training categories

  1. Open days and visits
  2. Student attachments (internships)
  3. Postgraduate Studentship Awards
  4. In-service training
  5. Part-time training Programmes
  6. Overseas Training.

Specific Committee responsibilities

Specific responsibilities of the committee include the following:

  1. To monitor and promote training activities at all levels (undergraduate, Masters, PhD and post-doctoral) at the UVRI
  2. To promote communication between UVRI partners regarding training opportunities that may be of mutual benefit
  3. To develop partnerships with other training institutions within Uganda and East Africa and beyond.
  4. To oversee and coordinate the allocation of undergraduate internships at UVRI.
  5. To develop training curricula, where they do not exist.
  6. To promote development of new training activities at UVRI.
  7. To develop monitoring and evaluation tools for training at UVRI.
  8. To seek funds to support training at UVRI


The Committee consists of members from partner organisations at UVRI

  1. Patrice Mawa                             Chairperson
  2. Moses Kizza                              Secretary
  3. Emily Nyanzi                              Member
  4. Monica Katusabe                       Member
  5. Victoria Bukirwa                        Member
  6. Mr Achilles Kiwanuka                Member
  7. John Barasa                               Member
  8. Ms. Jane Nabutto                       Member