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Contracts Committee

The UVRI Contracts Committee


The UVRI Contracts Committee (CC) is responsible for adjudication of recommendations from the UVRI Procurement and Disposal Unit and the award of contracts. This mandate in In line with Act 1 of 2003, Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets. Subject to sub-section (2), a CC is composed of the members specified in the Third Schedule. Members of the Contracts Committee shall be appointed with regard to their technical competence and skills required for the discharge of the functions of the Contracts Committee. The tenure of the members of the Contracts Committee shall be three years and a member may be re-appointed for only one further term

Composition of a Contracts Committee

As per the third schedule, the UVRI CC is composed of a chairperson, a secretary and a maximum of three other members appointed by the Accounting Officer (the UVRI Director) one of whom is a lawyer.  The Members of the Contracts Committee are nominated by the Accounting Officer and approved by the Secretary to the Treasury. A Contracts Committee may co-opt advisers to assist it in the discharge of its functions Where the Accounting Officer nominates members of the Contracts Committee, but before the nomination is approved by the Secretary to the Treasury, there is an emergency situation in respect of which a procurement activity has to be performed, the Accounting Officer shall perform the role of the Contracts Committee.

The UVRI Contracts Committee; -

  • Approves an Evaluation Committee for each submitted procurement
  • approves negotiation teams
  • ensures that before it is approved, a procurement is in accordance with the procurement plan
  • approves bidding and contract documents
  • makes a report in respect of its activities and submit the report to the Accounting Officer (the UVRI Director) for approval.

The CC is also mandated to carry out the following activities, for the purposes of disposal of the public assets of a procuring and disposing entity;-

  • assessing and verifying the public assets identified by a user department or by the Board of Survey for disposal
  • causing the assets identified to be valued in accordance with regulations made under Act 1 of 2003

Powers of a Contracts Committee

A Contracts Committee shall;-

(a) authorise—

(i) the choice of a procurement and disposal procedure;

(ii) solicitation documents before issue;

(iii) technical, financial or combined evaluation reports;

(iv) contract documentation in line with the authorised Evaluation Report; and (v) any amendment to an awarded contract;

(b) recommend for the delegation of a procurement or disposal function by the Accounting Officer whenever the necessity arises; and

(c) award contracts in accordance with applicable procurement or disposal procedures as the case may be.