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Uganda Virus Research Institute


Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration


Provide support services and coordination of all activities of the institute to ensure a conducive environment for health research.

Activities under Finance and Administration:

  • Administration and operations
  • Finance and Grants management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Planning
  • Capacity building
  • Procurement and disposal of Public Assets
  • Management of Information Technology and Library Services and Equipment
  • Public relations and Communications Unit


  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management Planning, Development and Advisory
  • Procurement and disposal of Public Assets
  • Management of Information Technology and Library Services and Equipment
  • Coordinate and Monitor the Implementation of strategic Plan, budget and policies of the Institution
  • Coordinating the different departments and partners at the institute
  • Capacity building
  • Institute Operations and Support services

Strategic Objectives under Finance and Administration

  • Creation of a critical mass for middle level scientific and technical staff
  • To widen the research skills mix for middle level scientific and technical staff
  • Contribution to the financial sustainability of UVRI
  • Contribution to the financial sustainability of UVRI
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the use of available resources
  • Centralized, accessible and reliable sample repository system
  • Improvement in the coordination of programs & core functions
  • To optimize and streamline information and resource sharing among the different programs & projects
  • Increase production of health research workforce:
  • To expand the knowledge and skills base for public health research.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness of the institute
  • To improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the institute.
  • Expansion of infrastructure and equipment capacities.
  • Increase the institutional infrastructure and equipment capacity of the institute.

 Administration Achievements

  1. Construction of stores to accommodate the huge amounts of supplies:-We are expanding and constructing the Institute stores to be able to accommodate the big procurements done at the Institute, the government of Uganda is funding this.
  2. Construction of a sample reception area. The Institute has embarked on the construction of a sample reception area, this will go a long way to enhance the Bio -specimen and Data systems for research utilization and outbreak preparedness. It will also improve the archiving and destruction of biospecimens and acquire a data management system that will efficiently uphold and promote efficiencies.
  3. Renovations and repurposing of staff houses near the NIH building into offices and a data center. This work has started and will involve extension of the perimeter wall near the NIH building to enclose the renovated houses so that we still maintain one entrance into the campus and don’t compromise the security. The exterior wall along Nakiwogo road will also be extended towards staff house.
  4. Modifying a P.2 laboratory and molecular laboratory:- Creation of a BSL2 tissue culture laboratory for virology and immunology and a molecular laboratory. The current data rooms used by HRL and COVID-19 work next to the MRC/Luminex/TB labs will be converted into laboratories. This will lead to some disruptions in the Rockefeller building. The data team will move to the renovated and re-purposed staff houses.
  5. Upgrading the generator house:- The generator house is being upgraded and reconstructed to accommodate three 500KVA generators that will act as backups to the electricity power supplied to the Institute.
  6. Reconstruction of the institute library:- The Institute Library is being constructed to address the issue of research and science literature that have been published over years by the different researchers across the world, Africa and Uganda in particular.
  7. Procurement of conferencing facilities to handle zoom meetings during the pandemic 2nd wave of covid-19.
  8. Upgrade of the Internet band Width: - We have up graded the internet band width from 10 mbps to 20 mbps. We doubled it because we required both quality and quantity of link to improve the speed of the internet to enable researcher’s carryout their work.
  9. Procurement of equipmentg the -80 refrigerator, the 500 K.V.A generator, the Liquide Nitrogen Plant and plant CCTV cameras in all Institute Laboratories and Offices.