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East African Point of Care HIV Viral Load Monitoring (PoC VL) Project Launched at UVRI

The PoC VL project was launched at UVRI on the 13th of April 2021. The purpose of  the EAPOC-VL project is to examine the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of using point of care viral load(PoC VL) monitoring is to improve virological suppression among children and adolescents (age 0-19) years) living with HIV in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The UVRI Director Professor Pontiano Kaleebu addresses Uganda's health care status on NBSUG television.

The UVRI Director Professor Pontiano Kaleebu in his address on Uganda's health care status hosted at NBSUG, he mentioned that "PA variant means that the virus is mutating and creating new strains different from others. We became concerned when the UK variant was first confirmed".

Bio-Safety and Bio-Security Leadership Skills Training

Uganda Virus Research Institute(UVRI) with support from the Government of Uganda received funding to conduct COVID-19 Trials under the NAV-COVID-19 study. The vioson of Uganda is that by 2030, Uganda will join other countries in Africa to lead vaccine trials research that has a major contribution to end the covid-19 pandemic and make significant contributions to world health.