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Developing a Career in Research

Career in Research

In an ever-evolving world where advancements in global health research are crucial, fostering the growth and development of aspiring researchers is paramount. Research is a vital source of knowledge and progress, but in the developing world like Africa, limited research output hinders economic growth and fails to address the pressing health needs of the population. To tackle these challenges, we invite you to our workshop on "Developing a Career in Research."

This hybrid event will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to embark on a successful career in the field of research. As a participant in this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of research. Our goal is to help you navigate the intricacies of the research landscape, enabling you to thrive and make a meaningful impact through your work.

As part of the workshop, we will introduce you to the Professional Development Scheme (PDS), a platform developed from The Global Health Network-WHO TDR’s Global Competency Framework for Clinical Research, which sets out the essential competencies required by a research team to carry out a successful study. PDS provides a comprehensive, high-quality mechanism for recording, tracking and guiding professional development in health research by capturing competencies, qualifications and training.

Visit the PDS Platform and create your profile TODAY here:

Overall learning objectives will be:
1. To explore ethics of conducting research in LMICs
2. To discover and discuss essential competencies for individuals and teams in research.
3. To explore the role of data and information systems.
4. To develop essential skills in proposal and manuscript writing.