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Research & Ethics Committee


  • The Research Ethics Committee (REC)/ Institutional Review Committee (IRC) was established in 1992 to conduct initial review and continuing review of research projects with the primary goal of protecting rights and  welfare of research participants. It was initially the UVRI Science and Ethics Committee (SEC) but later changed to UVRI Research Ethics Committee (UVRI REC) (with effect from July 2014) due to the call by Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) which is the regulatory body for all Research ethics Committees in Uganda. This was mainly for purposes of Uniformity for all Research Ethics Committees in the Country.
  • Most of the work reviewed is from the UVRI collaborative partners especially MRC, CDC, IAVI, RHSP, MOH and Welcome Trust.

Functions of the UVRI Research Ethics Committee

  1. To maintain ethical standards of practice in research
  2. To protect research participants and researchers from harm or exploitation
  3. To preserve the research participants’ rights and welfare
  4. To provide assurance to society of the protection of rights and welfare of research participants
  5. To ensure adherence to ethical conduct of research protocols approved by the Research Ethics Committee.

Composition of the UVRI Research Ethics Committee

  • UVRI REC is composed of multidisciplinary team of qualified and experienced in Research Ethics. The members are appointed on individual merit by the UVRI Director. Members serve of a maximum of three years and each member is eligible for reappointment.

REC Meetings

  • Review of research protocols is done on a monthly basis (on the Second last Thursday of the month) The UVRI REC reviews research protocols within 60days from the date of submission of the research protocol.  Requests for annual renewals are submitted 60 days prior to the REC expiry date. Initial reviews and amendments should be submitted two weeks prior to the REC scheduled meeting. The outcome is communicated within 14 days from the date of the meeting.

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REC Contact

Plot 51-59, Nakiwogo Road, Entebbe
P.O. Box 49, Entebbe- Uganda
Tel: +256414321962
Email: fayebazibwe@uvri.go.ug