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Uganda Virus Research Institute


East African Point of Care HIV Viral Load Monitoring (PoC VL) Project Launched at UVRI

The PoC VL project was launched at UVRI on the 13th of April 2021. The purpose of  the EAPOC-VL project is to examine the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of using point of care viral load(PoC VL) monitoring is to improve virological suppression among children and adolescents (age 0-19) years) living with HIV in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The intervention to be implemented and studied is the use of point of care (PoC VL) at peripheral health centers that will be compared with the standard of care (centralized VL testing done at specialized laboratories). This implementation research project will be a cluster randomized study in which selected health facilities in the participating countries will be randomized to either use PoC or standard of care to test for HIV viral load. The overall objective for this project is to evaluate feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of using PoC HIV VL monitoring to improve viral load suppression rates among children and adolescents living with HIV in East Africa.